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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Truth - Before And After Photos

Rumer Willis Before And After

Rumer Willis says that she used to get teased for her appearance as a kid. People would say she looked more like her masculine father (Bruce Willis) rather than her beautiful mother (Demi Moore). You can see that she got her father's prominent chin which is the center of all the plastic surgery talk. A lot of fans believe she got a chin reduction. Even though her chin still protrudes, it's less pronounced than it used to be.

This before and after photo shows Rumer Willis in 2007, 2009, and 2010. The million dollar question is if she got the size of her chin reduced. It's a very common procedure for people to get when they have a crooked bite. Maxillofacial surgeons will move the position of your lower and upper jaw to make sure your bite is aligned for both functional and aesthetic reasons. The belief is that she got her lower jaw moved inward by about 3 - 5 millimeters and on top of that had both sides of her jaw shaved a bit. She flat out denies that plastic surgery allegations and speaks from the heart when saying she's all about self-acceptance. I for one am not convinced that she even got jaw surgery. It honestly just looks like the before and after photos were taken at different angles of her face which makes her jaw look different. You also have to consider that because her jaw is so prominent; it's going to look more different than most people. I think that she just took a weird photo where she was sticking her jaw more than normal, and it caused everyone to go crazy and assume she got plastic surgery- which is a pretty familiar story in Hollywood.

Rumer Willis Chin

Here's Rumer Willis speaking on the matter of plastic surgery,

"Everyone was comparing me to [my mom], saying, ‘You look more like your very masculine father than your beautiful mom. For years, I thought, 'Maybe I can get plastic surgery. If I change my face or get skinny, that will be the answer.' And it's not. I know there's something that came up recently about me getting plastic surgery, and it's not true. If I want to get a boob job or change things about myself, I'm not going to lie."

It sounds like she's trying to be an advocate for self-acceptance and not giving into the social pressures of physical perfection. That's pretty impressive she can see above all the nonsense especially given that fact that her parents are both Hollywood actors.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Does the shape of her jaw look that different to you? It sticks out in both the before and after picture. I'm not sure how her bite is from a functional perspective and what her orthodontics history is, but it looks like she could benefit from having it. Either she has a severe underbite or just has a large chin. I'm going with the under bite.

Dr. Youn of Beverly Hills also doesn't buy into the hype. He had this to say in an interview with Radar Online,

"It appears that the increase in the size of Rumer’s lips has overshadowed her prominent chin."

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

My conclusion is that Rumer Willis hasn't had plastic surgery, and all the hype was based on one photo that was taken at a weird angle. It seems like she's a terrific young woman with a lot of self-confidence in who she is!

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery