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Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery Before And After

Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery

Noah Cyrus was previously known as merely Miley Cyrus' baby sister, now she’s being rumored to having plastic surgery. Time certainly passes by pretty fast. You heard right - we know she's only turned 18, which is quite a young age to undergo a cosmetic procedure. But people can't help it considering the evidence is right there in Noah's new face. She first attracted plastic surgery rumors last year when she attended the MTV Awards looking notably different from how she looked a couple years back. When the controversies about her allegedly going under the knife first broke, Noah kept mum about the issue. 

But this year, it seems that the rumors of her going under the knife won't just disappear as people can't just shake off the obvious change in her face. Since then, so many before and after photos have circulated on the internet. By looking at these images, you can easily see the difference. Noah looked so much different when she was just in her early teens compared to her present look. There's definitely something that was done to her face that goes beyond makeup. Could the 18-year-old singer really have undergone plastic surgery? If so, the Cyrus siblings really know how to make very bold decisions. 

It feels like not so long ago, her big sister Miley Cyrus created headlines for her sudden change of image, showing more skin and lewd acts in her performances. Now, the youngest Cyrus sibling has a controversy of her own as she continues to be accused of resorting to plastic surgery to improve her appearance? Or is it really an enhancement? Fans and critics alike aren't very happy with the changes in her face. She's only 18 but the sudden transformation has totally made her significantly age. On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing for Noah Cyrus. 

The evolution in her look cannot be even attributed to puberty because how she appears today doesn't seem like it's a natural change. Hence, many believe it's not puberty but rather plastic surgery. In Touch dove deeper with regards Noah's possible plastic surgery by interviewing some plastic surgeons. It is important to note that these doctors haven't treated Noah. But what they have to say about a certain celebrity's cosmetic procedure could be helpful in determining whether he or she has plastic surgery or not. 

Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery

For instance, plastic surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian has this to say about the remarkable change in Noah Cyrus' appearance: "She has significantly increased facial volumes (cheeks, upper and lower lip, and chin) and her eyebrows appear to be higher." With this, it is hinted that Noah may have had fillers, fat grafting, and facial implants, which could explain why her face looks so plump these days. It is also possible that she's had Botox to produce the browlift effect on her face as well. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller also thinks that fillers and implants are the ones responsible for Noah's sudden change of appearance. 

The rumors don't end there. This year, as she celebrated her 18th birthday, observers also suspected some lip filler action as Noah showed up with fuller lips. Until now, the singer hasn't addressed the numerous plastic surgery claims. But based on the before and after photos, a lot of people think it's a done deal - she definitely has had some cosmetic enhancements. How else can you explain her drastic transformation?

Noah Cyrus Before And After