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Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery

Since Mindy Kaling's debut in 2005, many can agree that before and after photos show she doesn't look the same as she did years ago, fueling rumors of plastic surgery. Allegations of the comedian's cosmetic surgeries range from a nose job to eyelid surgery to abdominoplasty and even a breast reduction, but has she really undergone any of the aforementioned procedures? As mentioned, the Hollywood star got her start in the mid-2000s when she made her cinematic debut in the comedy film The 40-Year-Old Virgin. She further earned success after she secured the role of Kelly Kapoor in the hit comedy series The Office.

Her role in the said show paved the way for her to have a prolific career in the movies. Some of her film credits include License to Wed, No Strings Attached, and The Five-Year Engagement, among others. She later starred in her own show called The Mindy Project, which aired on television for several years, establishing her as one of the most talented and prolific comedic actresses in Hollywood. Her popularity on television ultimately helped her secure a role in the upcoming ensemble movie Ocean's 8. 

With all her successes as an actress, writer, and a comedian, Mindy has also had a notable physical transformation since her beginnings in 2005. Before and after photos show her facial features significantly changing throughout the years, beginning with her complexion. First off, Mindy's skin tone was much darker when she first appeared in The Office. Looking at her present images, it's apparent that her complexion has since become lighter. Such notable change is something that can only be delivered by plastic surgery. Besides, the comparison between her look in the 2000s and her present appearance really offers some compelling proof that Mindy has had something done at some point. 

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery

But, what could it be? Let's start with her rumored nose job. Some say that her nose now appears to be more well-defined with a slimmer bridge compared to her nose many years ago with old photos showing it to be round on the tip and wide on the bridge. A rhinoplasty procedure could also be the reason why the projection of her face has also changed. She's just looked more sophisticated more recently and it's not just make-up and improved styling, it's because something major has changed in her face and that could be her nose.

Another well-known claim plastic surgery claim about the actress is her alleged abdominoplasty, which involves reshaping one's abdominal region for a flatter abdomen. It is also commonly known as the "tummy tuck". The report of The Mindy Kaling Project undergoing this procedure started to come out when fans noticed how she's gone thinner in the present times and how her abdominal area, in particular, has gone slimmer. While others could argue that her losing stomach fat may just be the result of dieting, plastic surgery is still a possibility.

There have also been some reports about the comedian undergoing breast reduction as well. Older photos show Mindy with her bigger cup size, which kind of also contributed to her looking heavier. But now, along with her slimmer frame is also her smaller cup size. While others opt to have a breast augmentation, other women who are naturally blessed with huge breasts choose to have them reduced for comfort reasons. It's because while huge boobs seem to be more aesthetically pleasing, it also has its own dose of discomforts, which is probably why Mindy decided to have them reduced - if the rumors were to be true. But since the actress continues to ignore the plastic surgery rumors about her, all we can do is speculate. 

Mindy Kaling before and after