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Tyra Banks Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

Tyra Banks Before And After

Judging by these before and after pictures, it's overwhelmingly obvious that Tyra Banks has gotten plastic surgery. Her nose used to be much bigger back in high school. Now the tip is petite / slightly raised, and the bridge is narrow.

When asked about plastic surgery on the Larry King show, she had this to say,

"I'm not afraid of plastic surgery, and I'm not against it... I feel like everybody should make a choice and, you know, if they want to do that, that's fine. I'm so not against it."

So she really can't just say she got a nose job? You literally have to be blind or stupid not to know she's got her nose fixed. Does she really think the public is that naive?

Ya, that looks like a nose job to me...

Tyra Banks Nose Job

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