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Sissy Spacek Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Sissy Spacek Nose Job

There's no doubt that Sissy Spacek got a nose job. The reason her plastic surgery is unusual is because she got it in the early 60's around age 16 or 17! That's when plastic surgery was still in a somewhat primitive state. She has the same looking pinched nose in every picture whether she's a teenager or an older woman. Overall, tip looks deflated and sticks up too much.

Seeing as her nose job got worked on in the early years of plastic surgery, the surgeon most likely "removed" cartilage from the tip. These days surgeons will simply resculpt cartilage without actually removing any. This way the nasal structure remains in tacked.

Sissy Spacek's nose looks unnatural here too. She most likely got the nose job less than a year before this picture got taken.

Sissy Spacek Nose Job

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