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Rumer Willis Nose Job Rumors Are False, Here's Why

Rumer Willis Nose Job Nose Job2

Ever since one awkward photo of Rumer Willis came out, she's been the center of plastic surgery talk. One of her alleged procedures is a nose job- which I find to be comical. There's absolutely no difference in the size or shape of her nose, but we'll get into that!

Each before and after photo got snapped about three years apart which is time span from when the first plastic surgery rumors came out. These photos clearly show how the tip is the same size, the nostrils flare out the same way, and it's the same width from top to bottom. She's always had a long and narrow nose.

Rumer Willis and her mother Demi Moore have almost the same shaped nose. The only difference is that Rumer's septum is a little longer, and she has less of a hump on the bridge. Demi has a strong jaw for a woman too. Rumer's came out overly prominent because she got both Nicolas Cage's and Demi's physical attributes. Nicolas has an extremely prominent jaw as well, so Rumer got the double whammy.

Rumer Willis Before And After

The reason for all the jaw surgery rumors is because her face looks more narrow in certain photos. I think there could be a couple contributing factors to this, though.

  1. She doesn't have bangs in the after picture- you be shocked at how much of a difference this can make. Just look at Uma Thurman's before and after photos.
  2. It's a different angle of her face- she's looking slightly down, and the photo is straight on.
Rumer Willis Nose Job

Bottom line, I don't think she got a nose job or jaw surgery. So far, this daughter of two B-list actors is plastic-surgery-free!