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Portia De Rossi Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery

Portia De Rossi Nose Job

Today we're going to discuss whether or not actress Portia de Rossi got a nose job. We'll examine before and after pictures and look for signs of plastic surgery. She got her beginnings in her native Australia first making her debut in the movie Sirens. Wanting to pursue a career in Hollywood, she moved to Los Angeles and soon landed her first starring role on American television with the sitcom Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher. Her major break, however, was as Nelle Porter in the popular series Ally McBeal. Her involvement in the show brought her mainstream recognition.

Her television success didn't stop there - after Ally McBeal, Portia landed the starring role of Lindsay Bluth Fünke in Arrested Development. From this period, the Australian beauty has established her career on the small screen. Other notable roles on television were in Nip/Tuck and Better Off Ted. Her marriage with television host Ellen DeGeneres also made her a well-known celebrity. But as her popularity grew, so did her susceptibility to plastic surgery rumors. 

Portia De Rossi Nose Job

More recently, the actress has been speculated of going under the knife by getting a nose job. These rumors started to circulate at the beginning of the 2010s as fans and critics alike have noticed a great deal of difference in her face, specifically her nose, which appears to be too well-defined. We also know that getting your nose done substantially alters the entire look of your face, which seems to be the case with Portia de Rossi's changed appearance. Could this be possible? Could the Arrested Development star really have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to straighten her nose?

It's likely since she looks totally different compared to her earlier years. And it's not just us - a lot of people have also noticed the remarkable change in her face and this is the reason why nose job rumors about Portia De Rossi are prevalent. Plastic surgery rumors normally die down after a while if there's no solid physical evidence to back it up, but it's not the case with Portia. It's obvious that her nose has been enhanced so the rumors about her resorting to a cosmetic procedure aren't going away anytime soon.

Supporting the numerous claims of plastic surgery made by fans and other observers, some plastic surgeons expressed their agreement with the reports, signifying that Portia De Rossi has had a nose job. "Most significantly she's had her nose operated on. Her nose used to distinctively point downwards, but now has a perky upturned tip," Boston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel said in an interview. Many fans on Twitter also voiced out their surprise as to Portia's new look, saying they didn't recognize the actress.

Portia De Rossi before and after

As of now, Portia de Rossi getting a nose job is still a speculation. The actress herself hasn't addressed the issue directly and we really hope she will. Generally, though, celebrities can undergo plastic surgery without anyone knowing. Clinics often have backdoors for those patients who want some privacy. Celebrities also tend to undergo their procedure somewhere with less attention from the paparazzi. It is also important to note that a scar from an open rhinoplasty procedure is so tiny that it's hardly noticeable. Hence, if Portia ever had a nose job, we wouldn't notice any scar, just the fabulous result.