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Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before And After

Oprah Winfrey Nose Job

TV personality Oprah Winfrey has been accused of getting various plastic surgery including a nose job, breast lift / implants, liposuction and a chin implant. She's flat out denied every plastic surgery allegation, though.

Here's what Oprah had to say when confronted with the issue,

"According to this I’ve had a breast lift and liposuction and a chin implant. Why would I want that? It’s not true. But, hey, I must be looking pretty good. I will be the first to tell you if I have plastic surgery."

While she didn't mention anything about her nose job there, she's always been defiant in the fact that her nose is natural. She says that the reason it looks different is simply due to makeup contouring. First and foremost, she probably has one of the world's best / most expensive makeup and lighting teams. But I'm not sure anyone can change the look of someone's nose that much. The bridge of her nose used to have an indent and was also uneven. Now it's perfectly smooth from top to bottom.

This before and after picture shows Oprah Winfrey in high school. The tip of her nose definitely looked bigger back then. Well I think her nose looks great now, it's most likely attributed to a nose job.

Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

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