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Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

Nicki Minaj came to prominence after releasing her debut album Pink Friday in 2010 and with her new-found fame came plastic surgery rumors, specifically a nose job. While heavy makeup is part of her styling and overall look, people think that the enhancement of her nose is beyond any makeup.  After the release of her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in 2012, before and after photos of the singer began to circulate like crazy. In these images, we could see the younger Minaj with her wider nose, as opposed to the "new" version of her in the 2010s with her nose apparently looking slimmer and more well-defined. 

For many, the comparison of her old and new images is solid proof that the rapper has had plastic surgery at one point after she shot to fame. When she was younger, it was clear that the tip of her nose was bulbous and the bridge had curves. Now all of a sudden all these bumps and curves on her nose seem to have been rectified by being straightened so that it looks slimmer with also a smaller tip and no bumps along the bridge, which can only be achieved through a rhinoplasty procedure, at least fora permanent result. 

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

Could this be a part of her new and improved look? As we all know, celebrities tend to go extreme with make-over that they want something more and they want the change to their looks permanent, hence, the popularity of plastic surgery, especially in Hollywood. However, despite the widespread rumors about her getting a nose job, Nicki insists on being plastic surgery-free, at least on her face. In an interview with Extra, she said: "When people see my makeup, they think all types of crazy things." She then insisted the apparent change on her nose is just makeup and nothing more. "No, it's makeup. They'll see contouring and think you had surgery on your nose. I've never had surgery on my face," she stated. 

It's not the first time that celebrities credit makeup and contouring as the reason for their face changing all of a sudden. We've heard the same lines from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, though we don't really buy the "it's just makeup" excuse. People know better and it's because if a celebrity strongly looks like she's gone under the knife, it's because he or she probably did. Some cosmetic enhancement experts also don't think that Nicki Minaj's nose improvement is all makeup.

For instance, Jennifer Leebow from LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar believes that Nicki Minaj has had a nose job. In fact, she thinks the singer has had a procedure more than once, judging from her thin, narrow bridge. According to Leebow, it is possible that Nicki Minaj could have had hyaluronic fillers to create a narrow bridge and make it look natural. These fillers are used to treat rhinoplasty procedures that involve too much cartilage and tissue and removal. What do you think? We've heard Nicki deny it but we've also heard an expert refute said denial. Looking at the before and after photos though, we all know it's plastic surgery. 

Nicki Minaj