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Kris Jenner Nose Job Rumors | Before And After Photos Reveal

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kris Jenner says that she hasn't gotten a nose job. Judging from the evidence in multiple before and after photos, though, I'd say she's gotten more than one.

It's odd how her nose is crooked and has divets in the after photo. Those subtleties tell me that she probably had a botched nose job not too long before that picture. Because her nose looks good now, she most likely got a revisionary rhinoplasty to correct it. With that information, we can assume she's gotten at least two nose jobs.

Based on the before photo here, Kris Jenner used to have a perfect looking nose! It was smooth, even, and thin with no visible imperfections. Why would she ever even consider getting a nose job? I understand why she got a facelift, breast implants, and Botox, but why mess with something that's already perfect?

Kris Jenner Nose Job

Is it just me or does she look like a slightly different person in the before picture? It looks like her nose has the same shape in both the before and after picture here. There's a slight dent in the left side of the bridge. Also, the tip jets out a little farther than the rest of her nose.

Kris Jenner Young

My conclusion is that Kris Jenner got, at least, one nose job and possibly two. Her nose had no visible divots or imperfections in her 20's. Various before and after photos show that her nose has changed throughout the years more than once. Also, it doesn't just appear to be work of makeup contouring or lighting. She has all the signs of someone who got plastic surgery.

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