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Kim Kardashian Nose Job | A Plastic Surgeon's Perspective

Kim Kardashian Before And After2

Dr. Rawnsley of Los Angeles agrees that Kim Kardashian got a nose job. However, he commends the plastic surgeon for achieving an excellent result. Here's what he had to say on the matter,

"It is a subtle change, but does all the wonderful things that finesse rhinoplasty can do. Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeon must have know that she was messing with near perfection."

Dr. Douglas Taranow of New York City had this to say,

"Kim's nose is much thinner than in earlier photos, leading me to believe she has had it altered."

I totally agree that Kim Kardashian's nose looks truly incredible, but it's just annoying how she won't own up to the nose job rumors. We all know she got one!