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Gwen Stefani Before And After Nose Job Surgery - Subtle Tweak

Gwen Stefani Nose Job

Gwen Stefani never seemed to do anything by the norm while in her 20's. During the No Doubt years she actually embraced the fact that she didn't have prototypical Hollywood looks. Now though, she's gone under the knife in more than one way. Probably most subtle and unnoticeable change she's gotten is her nose job. Apparently the size of her nose bothered her all these years because she had it slimmed down. The surgeon made the tip look smaller using a simple reshaping technique (it's unlikely they actually removed cartilage seeing as that's a dated approach). They also shaved down the bridge and possible reshaped the cartilage there too.

It's funny how she looks like a pouty girl in the before picture and plastic diva in the after. Then again, she probably just outgrew that crazy rebellious phase of her life and didn't feel the need to look crazy and ruffled all the time. After all, three kids and a lifetime on camera can make anyone feel the need to clean up their look a bit.

Gwen Stefani Before And After

This close up clearly shows the changes her nose job made. I personally don't think Gwen Stefani's rhinoplasty was even necessary, nor do I think she should have gotten Botox. But given her age and look she was going for, I do think the two procedures go hand in hand. A new sleek nose at age 45 doesn't really make sense with a haggard looking face. No one will be admiring your sexy nose if your face looks aged. Also, if she wanted to use Botox to the extent she did then she may as well of done everything she wanted. It's quite common for patients to get it all done at once instead of spreading it out of years.

Gwen Stefani Nose Job

While I don't love Gwen Stefani's nose job, I do understand it. I understand the mindset she had when considering Botox and rhinoplasty surgery.

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