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Blake Lively Nose Job Plastic Surgery - See Her Amazing Results

Blake Lively Before And After

It's shocking that Blake Lively didn't get a nose job until she had already gained fame. It wasn't until after the first season of Gossip Girl aired that she got plastic surgery- which means she had that huge schnoz for over a year of being on screen! I think it's inspiring that she was able to do what she did without ever going under the knife.

Blake Lively might be number one on my "best celebrity plastic surgery of all time" list. Her nose job came out perfect for so many reasons:

  • Her nose looks more natural than it did before the rhinoplasty.
  • Her nose fits her face to absolute perfection.
  • Without seeing a before and after photo, you could never tell she changed anything.
  • Even though her nose it smaller now, it's original character is still intact.
  • She doesn't have a prototypical "pencil thin" Hollywood nose, yet it looks stunning.

Everyone who's considering a nose job should strive for similar results. There's isn't a one-size-fits-all option, rather you must strive for your own individualized perfection.

Blake Lively Cosmetic Surgery

The techniques used on Blake Lively's nose job were very simple. The bone and cartilage on the bridge were shaved down by about 5 millimeters, and the tip got reduced in size as well. It's amazing how much of a difference these simple changes can make. What's more amazing is how naturally the width flows from the bridge to the tip. It's a smooth and subtle transition with a totally natural look.

No one is sure who her plastic surgeon was, despite countless inquiries on forums and what not. They should be given a medal of honor in the plastic surgery community, though. They did everything you should do to achieve the best results possible.

Blake Lively Nose Job

I still think she looks stunning before going under the knife. She has beautiful eyes and a vibrant smile that radiates positive energy. Also, I like how she didn't hide the fact that she got plastic surgery. I don't think there's anyone who has ever questions Blake Lively's plastic surgery choices.

Blake Lively Nose Job

This is what I think are the ten best celebrity nose jobs of all time:

  1. Blake Lively
  2. Adele
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Kim Kardashian
  5. Natalie Portman
  6. Scarlett Johansson
  7. Alicia Keys
  8. Britney Spears
  9. Aishwarya Rai 
  10. Keira Knightley

Every one of these stars achieved a natural looking result. None of their noses look the same as anyone else's on this list, yet they all look perfect for each's face. If you insist on having a perfect nose, you'll ultimately be lead to disappointment. There's no such thing as the ultimate "perfect nose." Rather there's the perfect nose for your face. A plastic surgeon will tailor the results to fit your unique needs.

Blake Lively Nose Job

Beverly Hills plastic surgery Dr. Rawnsley drew in the contour lines of her nose to show where it got changed. You can see that the bridge and tip were wider and protruded more. As I stated before, this was an incredibly simple nose job with nothing out of the ordinary. Those subtle tweaks were all she needed to achieve the best results.

Blake Lively Nose Job

Bottom line, I give Blake Live an A+ for her nose job! Keep scrolling the gallery to see more of her plastic surgery!