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Ariana Grande Nose Job Rumors Before And After

Ariana Grande Nose Job Pics

Ariana Grande was in her late teens when she landed her first starring role on television, playing Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series Victorious beginning in 2010. She later reprised her role in the spin-off Sam & Cat. Her regular stints on these Nickelodeon shows made her a popular celebrity among her teen fans.

Fast forward to 2018 and fans and critics alike can agree that a lot has changed since her Nickelodeon days. After establishing a career as a singer and a performer in 2013 with the release of her first studio album, the transformation in Ariana's physical appearance has begun, starting with her choice of outfits, which are sexier, her weight loss, and her now iconic super high ponytail. 

But, it's not just her style that has changed. Many people think that the former teen star had also gone under the knife in the form of a nose job. Looking at the before and after photos of the Side to Side singer, it is remarkable how her nose's features have changed at some point. When she was younger, Ariana's nose wasn't as sharp-looking and well-defined as it is today. As a matter of fact, her nose profile had some obvious bumps that are no longer evident today. 

Ariana Grande Nose Job Before And After

Moreover, the bridge of her nose was noted to be a bit larger. Her fans have also noticed that her nose is much slimmer especially the tip, which looks like it has been straightened out. She could just deny this and claim that it's the effect of make-up, but Ariana's nose is different all the time, not just in certain public sightings. So, what's the deal? Was she always insecure about her nose that she decided to resort to an invasive cosmetic procedure? 

People first noticed a dramatic change in her appearance in 2015 with her slimmer nose as the most notable transformation. While she lost baby fat, which naturally made her face look slimmer and sharper, it was also clear that there were some refinement and narrowing involved in her nose, causing her facial projection to be remarkably different in the recent times- hence, the possibility of a nose job. If you think about it, Ariana launched a sexier, bolder image when she started a recording career sometime in the 2010s. 

By the time she released her second album in 2014, she was becoming more mature in how she presented herself. She became more comfortable with showing more skin. The question is: could the rumored nose job a part of her reinventing herself? After all, she kind of did introduce a newer version of herself with a more sultry image in the recent years.

Nonetheless, her nose job remains to be a speculation because the singer-actress hasn't said anything about the rhinoplasty procedure rumors involving her nose. But because the physical evidence is right there, which apparently is her enhanced nose, people can't just stop talking about it. Based on the before and after photos available anywhere on the web, do you think Ariana Grande has had a nose job

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