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Kendall Jenner Lip Injections & Botox - She Comes Clean

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kendall Jenner finally opened up to the public about the lip injections and Botox rumors. For a long time now people have assumed Kendall and Kylie have gotten lip filler, cheek bone enhancements, and perhaps Botox injections. She finally revealed the long awaited truth, and it's no surprise.

She had this to lay about her lips, "It has always been an insecurity of mine, and I wanted to make a change." I can respect that since that's why everyone gets plastic surgery. According to her, Kris Jenner never "completely supported" the decision. This comes as a surprise because the public deemed her as the worst mom in the world for allegedly egging her daughters on to get plastic surgery.

She said the only time she's been "under" was for a dental procedure. Apparently she didn't react well either because it made her feel nauseous. Even though Kendall has denied ever getting Botox or any other type of plastic surgery, she's not against it. She would only get a procedure done if it were something she felt she needed to do.

Kendall Jenner Lip Injections

Something to keep in mind about lip injections is that it "a slippery slope." Kendall Jenner got this procedure because she was insecure and wanted to "experiment" with it. What happens the next time she wishes to try out a procedure? Keep in mind that she got her lips filled when she was only 18 years old. Also, everyone in her family has had extensive plastic surgery- her dad got a sex change for crying out loud! While lip injections aren't a huge thing to get, it can lead to many other types of operations.

Kendall Jenner Lips

The lip liner coupled with filler makes her lips look huge! I realize that she was insecure and wanted to try out a new look, but subtlety goes a long way. I don't like this look where it looks like those wax lips you would find at the candy store. Seriously, who thinks that's a good look? Plump lips are OK, but not when it's overdone.

Kendall Jenner Lips

Even though Kendall Jenner denies getting any other type of plastic surgery, there's still speculation. Keep scrolling the gallery to see more before and after photos!