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Portia De Rossi Facelift Before And After

Portia De Rossi Facelift

The 2013 return of the cult television series Arrested Development also resulted in several before and after photos of its star Portia de Rossi, who has since been suspected of having plastic surgery. Ever since reprising her role as Lindsay Bluth-Funke, people couldn't stop talking about the possibility of cosmetic surgeries, particularly facelift, as shown in the never-ending before and after photos of the actress on the internet.

Sporting her new look in the show's latest season after seven years, a lot have been talking about the cosmetic procedures Portia could possibly have had that led to her face's prominent transformation. Specifically, fans think Portia has had a facelift, judging from the tightness and flawlessness of her face. For one, many wonder how the actress manages to attain a wrinkle-free face despite being in her mid-40s.

All the talks about her alleged facelift procedure are further fueled by social media, where fans and critics alike talk about the solid evidence, which is Portia's new face, that a cosmetic procedure, had in fact, taken place. Judging from the before and after photos, it really appears that an enhancement has been made with her more pronounced cheekbones and her shiny and flawless forehead and cheeks. As a matter of fact, many fans think that Portia De Rossi in the 2010s is not the same person as she was in the 2000s. While some defend the actress, saying that her new appearance could be credited to hair and make-up, many are still convinced that she's gone under the knife for a facelift. 

However, the Arrested Development star hinted in an interview that plastic surgery is not something she'd consider. "The one thing I don’t wanna do is chase what I looked like at 20," she was noted for saying. She went on to say: "As women, we’re so conditioned to think that beauty and age are very important — that you stay kind of youthful in order to be beautiful. I don’t think it’s fair for people to think that women are just vain because they’re worried about getting older. It’s actually really linked in with a lot of very primitive stuff for women." In the end, she said that she owes her youthful appearance to her vegan diet. 

Portia De Rossi Facelift

Despite signifying her thoughts about cosmetic procedures and attributing her youthful appearance to a plant-based diet, plastic surgeons interviewed still believed the actress has had some help done in revitalizing her look. For many observers, there's no way that someone would look totally different without the help of a plastic surgeon.

In the world we live in, if a celebrity looks like she's had plastic surgery, it's because she probably had. Besides, based on the before and after photos, the changes on Portia's face isn't something that can be done by make-up. The transformation of her face appears to have been done via plastic surgery in the form of a facelift and that's something that people can easily believe in because they can see notable results that are tough to deny. 

Portia De Rossi Facelift