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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After Shocking Facelift

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan has had her fair share of unfortunate plastic surgery. She used to have an exquisite charm and appeal about her that drew everyone in. All of the Hollywood's top actors were fond of her. After some botched plastic surgery, though, she's become almost unrecognizable.

Her face got pulled back so tightly that it changed the shape of her eyes. She used to look completely natural and had the allure of someone who only ate organic foods and meditated 2 hours day! Her whole aura just had a very holistic appeal. Now, though, she looks like a 70 woman who got a facelift to try and look 20 years younger. Unfortunately, this procedure made her look older (the opposite effect it was supposed to have).

This before and after photo shows Meg Ryan in her early 20's and her late 40's. Even though she used to have deep wrinkles, she still looked ten years younger. She's only 54 years old and looks like she's 70. A little natural aging is OK folks!

Meg Ryan Before And After

Before getting a facelift, Meg Ryan played around with Botox and lip injections. She has classic trout pout lips in the after photo here. Also, she has weirdly deep wrinkles around her jawline and eyes. Either this is the result of her genes (some people just naturally have deep wrinkles), or it's from drug use. It's been reported that she used to be a pretty heavy drug user. Addiction can have an adverse effect on your looks resulting cause premature aging. It's believed that she used heavy drugs such as coke and was a pretty heavy drinker. The regular late night partying and too much alcohol consumption causes your face to age quite significantly.

Meg Ryan Facelift

It's hard to believe the same person is in both the before and after picture. Her face is wrinkle free and flawless in the before picture (obviously, because she's in her early 20's). It looks tight, stretched, plastic, artificial, and everything else in the after picture. Also, she's wearing way too much mascara and eyeliner.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

It's just unfortunate when people destroy their looks with bad plastic surgery. Meg Ryan is still and excellent and admirable woman. I'm sure that she above every regrets her questionable choices of getting a facelift, Botox, fillers, and any other types of cosmetic surgery. Her face looks totally different at three different stages of her life. First it was natural and wrinkle-free, and then it was chalk full of Botox and filler, and then a facelift made her look totally unrecognizable. The problem is that most people who get Botox or a facelift at an early age will never stop. They keep going in for touch-ups which results in them looking completely different ten or fifteen years down the road. Now Meg Ryan will probably be getting a major plastic surgery every ten years or so in an effort to look completely different.