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Despite Rumors, Uma Thurman Didn't Get Plastic Surgery

Uma Thurman Facelift

I understand all the hype on Uma Thurman getting plastic surgery, but I believe it's all an illusion. Weird angles of photos, a different choice of makeup, a new hairstyle, and perhaps natural aging are the contributing factors to this sudden change. Also, don't you find it kind of odd that every "after" photo was from the same night? Uma Thurman's situation reminds me of when Taylor Swift got accused of having breast implants, yet nearly every photo supporting this accusation was from the exact same day. Perhaps she was just wearing a padded bra that sunny afternoon? I just think people jump to conclusions way too quickly with celebrities and plastic surgery. Also, when they opt into aging "naturally" then people are stunned to see an older version of them. It's like we'll ridicule them for plastic surgery and be shocked when they age. These people just can't win!

Bottom line, I don't believe Uma Thurman got a facelift, Botox, nose job, breast implants, or any other type of plastic surgery. I think she just had a "different" look one day, and it was too much for people to process. As I stated in the previous slides, her change in appearance is most likely the cause of other factors.