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Amber Rose Butt Implants Before And After Plastic Surgery

Amber Rose Before And After

It's obvious that Amber Rose got butt implants or injections judging from these before and after pictures. This hip-hop artist got the plastic surgery in the late 2000's approximately 6 or 7 years ago. But alas, she's yet another celebrity who won't fess up to getting plastic surgery. There's literally no comparison in the size of her booty in the before or after picture.

She likely got the popular treatment of butt injections (as opposed to implants). This is where fat is injected into your rump instead of silicon implants. Seriously, her butt is huge in that white dress!

You really didn't get any plastic surgery Amber Rose? Your butt just magically got 2 times bigger without putting on a pound?

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery

Just have a look at Amber Rose's butt below. No one naturally has a booty that large without getting plastic surgery. While her leggings may have butt pads in them, and may also be designed to lift her rump, I don't think it's all smoke and mirrors. Her butt is clearly much smaller in the before picture and baby's got back in the after.

Amber Rose Butt

Keep scrolling the gallery to see more pictures of Amber Rose before and after plastic surgery! * Also learn about a scandal involving her alleged butt implants