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Nicki Minaj Breast Implants Before And After

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants

Nicki Minaj is one of the famous celebrities who’s widely rumored of having a cosmetic procedure and in this case, she's claimed to have undergone breast implants. Several before and after photos of the singer-songwriter show her with a smaller bra size in the 2000s when she was just starting out. Flash forward to the 2010s during her fame and we can see that her breasts have gone bigger and fuller, which could indicate a boob job? Plastic surgery allegations on Nicki are not new. Aside from a breast augmentation, she's also been accused of receiving other kinds of cosmetic enhancements, from the likes of a nose job and butt implants. 

In an interview with Extra, Nicki said that she has never done anything on her face but she didn't say anything about her body. So, does this mean that she's indicating that she's had something done on her boobs? For many people, it's obvious. The way she dresses in award shows and other events makes any changes on her body so visible. She dresses sexily all the time, flaunting her curves and all, so it's easy for the public eye to see the difference between her body several years ago and her body in the present. 

Nicki Minaj Boob job

A few years back, her live performance in Good Morning America fueled rumors that she's had a boob job. This was when she accidentally showed her nipple courtesy of her really low-plunging outfit. With this, we were able to see her perfectly-rounded and firm breasts. Her boobs also were round and high, which could be the result of breast augmentation. Natural breasts aren't supposed to be perfectly round, high, and firm, especially without the support of a great bra, but Nicki Minaj exactly had the "perfect" kind of breasts only a plastic surgeon can deliver. 

On the other hand, fans and critics alike are not loving the boob job Nicki Minaj allegedly had for herself. The size of her breast implants was too huge for her body so that it was not proportionate to her entire figure. She naturally has a curvy figure and she probably wanted to emphasize her curves some more by wanting to make her boobs bigger, but they became way too big that they weren't subtly done. Good plastic surgery results are those that look natural it can be a bit hard to notice. In the case of the Anaconda singer, we all know that the changes in her cup size aren't that difficult to see. In fact, it's so obvious that boob job is the first thing that comes to mind. 

Addressing all the breast implants rumors circulating on tabloids and on the internet, Nicki took to Twitter to deny the allegations. She said: "Dear Barbies, I swear to God on my life I've NEVER had breast implants. I love MTO but why do they insist on making things up?" Even with the solid proof as shown in the many before and after photos of her on various sites, Nicki continues to deny having breast implants and maintains that her boobs are natural even if a lot of people don't buy her natural breast claims. After all, she's not the only celebrity that denies plastic surgery-related rumors. She can deny all she wants but we've seen her breast size when she was younger and it looks so different to what we're seeing now. 

Nicki Minaj before and after