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Megan Fox Alleged Boob Job And Supposed Bra Size Change

Megan Fox Bra Size

Megan Fox has a 34 B bra size and weighs 114 lbs with a petite/slim body frame. Despite what the critics say, I'm not convinced she's gotten a boob job. There are plenty of before and after photos that show her with what appears to be a more broad chest, but I believe just smoke and mirrors. She's using tricks to make her breast size look bigger.

While her bra size seems a cup size larger in the after photo, she's doing two different things with her dresses. In the left photo, she isn't even wearing a bra which makes her chest sag- not in a bad way mind you. It's an all natural look that's almost somewhat of a hippie vibe. It was back in her Transformer days before she had gotten the questionable Botox and facial fillers. She used to have that girl next door look, not something of a Hollywood plastic surgery disaster. In the right photo, she's wearing a very tight dress that scrunches her chest together. Sure it looks like she got breast implants, but I don't think that's the case.

These two photos show Megan Fox in an outside setting and different lighting. Her pink dress is extremely loose fitting, and she's wearing no bra while. The black tank top is extremely tight which is doing the same thing as her other one. It must be annoying for celebrities to be accused of getting plastic surgery when all they do is wear a different outfit or try out a new look. Granted, that's not the case for her Botox and other facial work.

Megan Fox Boob Job

Same old story here. Every before and after picture of her alleged boob job shows one loose dress and one tight.

Megan Fox Boob Job

My conclusion is that Megan Fox didn't get a boob job. You wouldn't know it, but her bra size is, in fact, a 34 B in both the before and after photos. It's possible to have a flat looking chest if you're wearing no bra and have on a loose dress. Also, a 34 B breast is somewhat prominent, but not too much. It's an in between breast size where you can look like you have cleavage or not at all. I think she just likes to switch her looks up, as anyone does. Bottom line, there's no breast implants there!

Megan Fox Breast Implants