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Kris Jenner Boob Job And Other Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kris Jenner Boob Job

It should be well noted that Kris Jenner has gotten multiple boob jobs. In fact, she's had several different types of plastic surgery dating all the way back to her last 20's. Her natural bra size is a large B cup or a small C. After breast implants, though, it got boosted all the way up to a D cup. The difference in her breast size is no more than a cup in the before and after photo up above. Her boobs aren't at their peak in that picture, though.

Below, we can see Kris Jenner in her late 20's and mid 50's. She probably had had a second boob job by the time of the photo on the right. She's showing off all of that artificial cleavage while on a vacation to Cancun or somewhere else tropical. We all know how the Kardashians love to flaunt their beach bodies on a tropical vacation! I can understand why it must be so weird for Rob Kardashian in that family. All of the women base their whole existence purely on looks. If he's not in tip-top shape, then I bet he can feel the pressure and judgment from every direction.

Kris Jenner Breast Implants

Do you think it's appropriate for Kris Jenner to be getting boob jobs, flaunting her breasts, and partying it up the way she does at age 60? She can do whatever she wants. She raised her kids they way she did, and I'm pretty sure the values she passed on have already been instilled in them. The bigger issue is the values that America's youth picks up on from watching these superficial people live their lives in luxury. Young people aspire to live a lazy, carefree life where no effort is required, and everything is handed to them. The Kardashians are undoubtedly business savvy, but people don't pick up on that aspect of their lives. They only see the partying, overspending, and drama (the part that sells).

This might be too deep for this subject, but there's something to be said about people idolizing the Kardashians. The patriarch, Kris Jenner, is getting boob jobs, every other type of plastic surgery, and is partying up just like her kids. Then again, it's her life, and she can live it however she wants. Who are we to judge? It's more an issue the media and what "sells" these days. That's a topic for another day, though...