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Kim Kardashian Boob Job | Experts Weigh In

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants

We found some testimonials on whether or not Kim Kardashian got a boob job. The general consensus is that Kim did, in fact, get extensive plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr. Youn of Beverley Hills had this to say,

"Kim's breasts appear overly round and full for her thin figure. This 'roundness' is a likely sign of breast implants."

An anonymous source (supposed friend of Kim Kardashian) had this to say to OK magazine,

"She did some breast augmentation procedure, and I think she did it a second time as well. Kim was getting Botox every couple months when she was 20 and 21."

Bottom line, plastic surgery runs in the family. Literally every Kardashian (Even Bruce Jenner - especially) has gotten plenty of work, so we can pretty much assume that she did too.