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Gwen Stefani Shocking Boob Job - From Flat Chested To Bombshell

Gwen Stefani Cosmetic Surgery

Are you ready for a shocker? Gwen Stefani claims she's never gotten breast implants or any other type of plastic surgery for that matter. This famous rocker girl used to sport wild looks and embraced her natural figure. She was beautiful and her fans loved her for all of it. It turns out she saw physical imperfections in herself because she would later go under the knife to alter her appearance.

Back in the 90's when she was taking the world by storm with No Doubt, her bra size was just a small A cup. I mean, she literally had no boobs at all. It didn't matter though because she embraced her body the way it was and flaunted it to the world. Fast forward a decade and it's a different story because she has a 32 B breast size. Gwen clearly has defined curvature in her breasts which is undoubtedly the result of breast implants. It's kind of funny how she denies ever getting them which would imply she's wearing a padded bra something. That's just utter bologna though.

Personally, I think Gwen Stefani's breast implants came out fantastic- despite if she says she's gotten them or not. The reason I say this is because they fit her body very nicely. Being 5' 6" and weighing 120 lbs a 32 B breast size looks very natural. While her flat chest of old still worked for her tall slender body, either look works good for her.

Gwen Stefani Boob Job

It's funny how she used to have those crazy hairstyles and body jewelry. I really think she was a predecessor to people like Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa. She kind of paved the path for them to flourish with those crazy outfits and hairstyles.

Gwen Stefani Bra Size

The "side boob" profile picture clearly shows that there's more volume in the after photo. That's not an illusion, padded bra, or any other fancy tricks- it's the result of implants. She had this to say in an interview back in 2007,

“I enjoy a great surgery TV show as much as anyone — I watched a lot of those shows while I was pregnant! But it’s pretty bizarre that that’s where we’re at — that you can place an order for how you’re going to look. People take it pretty lightly, but it’s a big deal. I’ve thought it over but I’m not at that stage yet,”

That was after she'd already gotten the alleged breast implants and way before she got her current Botox injections. Perhaps this fascination with plastic surgery led to her actually trying it herself?

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants