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Did Kylie Jenner Get A Boob Job? Experts Weight In

Kylie Jenner Boob Job

Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job? It certainly seems like the 17-year-old has undergone the knife. We found multiple plastic surgeon testimonials claiming that she did, in fact, get breast implants.

Dr. Steve Fallek had this to say,

“Having looked at these pictures, and other recent images that are around, she clearly looks like she’s had implants placed. She doesn’t look that big, but it certainly doesn’t look like a padded bra. There’s more cleavage going on – but she’s definitely had something worked on there.”

Dr. Anthony Youn had this to say,

“Wow! Kylie’s looking more and more like Kim every day. Her breasts do appear to have been enhanced, going from a B to a D cup in size. They are round, full, and almost as big as Kim’s.”

Only 3,500 girls under the age of 18 get breast implants each year. That means that Kylie's mom Kris would have had of been one of those parents to sign off on it. Well, I guess that doesn't seem too farfetched...

It's believed that Kylie Jenner's older sister Kim has gotten a boob job. Also, Kourtney has been open about her boob job history. Would you be that surprised if Kylie Jenner also got the plastic surgery? She certainly seems to be following in her older sisters footsteps.

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