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Blake Lively Boob Job Photos And Bra Size Change

Blake Lively Boob Job

In addition to her nose job, Blake Lively got a boob job around 2010. The procedure boosted her bra size from a small B cup to a 32C. These two nip and tucks are the only plastic surgery operations she's gotten. There's some speculation about possible Botox injections, but I don't see any truth in that. The operations she did get, though, look fantastic.

We can see how Blake Lively went from the girl next door to a stone cold fox. The nose job gave her a refined, elegant look and her boob job made her a total babe. The best part about her plastic surgery is that she never went over the top. Her nose looks completely natural, and her breast implants fit her 5' 10" frame nicely. As a tall woman, an A or small B cup is below average. So, her modification filled her body in to give her a more natural look.

She had already gotten a nose job when the left photo got snapped. It makes sense that she would get her nose done before her breasts. The boob job was just icing on the cake and ultimately perfected her body.

You can see that she's showing off a lot of underboob in this photo! She has cleavage now and isn't afraid to show it off!

Blake Lively Boob Job

Do you think she's too chesty now or does it look real? If she went any bigger, then it wouldn't look natural. I believe she got just the right size to pull it off.

Blake Lively Breast Implants

Overall, I think Blake Lively has gotten some of the best plastic surgery in Hollywood. Her nose job is number one on my top 10 list, and her boob job looks fantastic.