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Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery - Has She Had Breast Implants?

Ariana Grande Breast Implants

Ariana Grande is turning 25 this year and despite being young, she's already accused of undergoing plastic surgery. Most notably, Ariana has been suspected of having breast implants, which is said to explain the remarkable increase in her bra size in the recent years. The singer-actress was first reported to have gotten a boob job back in 2013 when she released her debut album Yours Truly, which initially catapulted her to greater stardom. 

The rumors, of course, were fueled by the former Nickelodeon star's physical transformation. Ever since Ariana started a recording career, which has since made her a regular presence in numerous music videos, music award shows, and concerts, her physical appearance has also changed. As she often wore tiny dresses, many fans noticed how her breasts have gone larger and fuller, which are nothing like the ones she had back in her Nickelodeon years. 

On the other hand, it is also possible that the changes in Ariana Grande's body are just natural. Some of her fans argue that Ariana was very young when she was on the television show Victorious and it's only natural that her body would develop years after that. While this makes sense, it can't be denied that the way Ariana's breasts have augmented doesn't look so natural. It appears that her "new" breasts look too molded and full, which are features that are the opposite of natural.

Ariana Grande Boob Job

Besides, the reported enhancement in her breast size seems very sudden, an effect that only a cosmetic procedure can deliver. As rumors about her alleged boob job circulated, Ariana responded via Instagram to put the issue to rest, though her response was nothing but serious. In an Instagram clip, she made fun of those commenting and implying that she's had breast implants. At the end of the video, she revealed that it's a Victoria's Secret push-up bra that's giving her the appearance of a bigger cup size and not plastic surgery in the form of a breast augmentation. 

But the boob job rumors don't stop there. In 2014, there was reportedly a source that told In Touch magazine about how Ariana Grande was considering of getting breast implants. According to the report, Ariana was also consulting her friends and family about it and doing a lot of research to come up with a decision. However, Ariana's representative denied these claims saying they're untrue, adamant that Ariana is happy with her natural bra size and is not thinking of going under the knife for bigger boobs. 

Nonetheless, we all know that there are celebrities who undergo plastic surgery and still deny having them. After all, these stars use their good looks as part of their charm that gets them to convince people to watch their films or buy their albums. Hence, they don't want their fans to know that how they look isn't natural. Not everyone can be candid about it, apparently. The question is - is Ariana Grande one of those celebrities who choose to lie about the cosmetic procedures they have had? There are lots of before and after photos showing Ariana Grande's alleged boob job, so you be the judge.