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Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery - Before And After Pictures Stun

Uma Thurman Before And After

It's hard to say if Uma Thurman has gotten plastic surgery. At first glance, it looks like she went overboard with facial fillers and Botox. Based on my opinion as well as many experts, though, the consensus is that she didn't.

When Uma Thurman stepped on to the Red Carpet on Feb 9, 2015, people were stunned to see an entirely different looking face. What is the cause of the alleged difference? Is the different due to Botox injections or is it due to a new hair and makeup regiment.

Here're some reasons to think she didn't get plastic surgery:

  1. Her bangs are pulled back which exposes her forehead making her face look longer and more narrow.
  2. She has the same wrinkles around her eyes and jawline in every before and after picture.
  3. She doesn't have lines on her forehead in either of the three photos.
  4. She could be wearing more of a neutral tone makeup which would make the complexion of her face look different.
  5. She still has laxity in her face.
  6. It could just be due to natural aging- it isn't 2003, and Kill Bill didn't just come out! I think we tend to think celebrities are frozen in time because we get so used to seeing their face from an iconic movie. It's always weird to see them 10 or so years later.

Here's some reasons that support she did get plastic surgery:

  1. She has all the telltale signs of Botox- in a sense.
  2. Her eyes look different.
  3. Her cheeks look frozen.
  4. She looks entirely different in a very short span of time!
Uma Thurman Before And After

Here's some thoughts I take away from this picture:

  • She's squinting her eyes which isn't her regular look. It's possible that this unusual facial expression is what's going on here.
  • She has the same wrinkle pattern around her eyes in both the before and after picture.
  • The only real difference is in the "size" of her eyes, not the jaw line or forehead.
  • Squinty eyes coupled with a fully exposed forehead makes her look different. It's like seeing Zooey Deschanel without bangs. The first time we say that everything screamed "plastic surgery!" It seems like the same thing is happening with Uma Thurman.
Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

This before and after photo shows the dramatic change in Uma Thurman's over about a 15-year stretch.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

So, what exactly happened to Uma Thurman's face? Experts weigh in:

Dr. Matthew Schulman doesn't think she had plastic surgery, “I actually do not think Uma had any cosmetic surgery. I have carefully looked at her face, making sure to look past the obvious lack of bangs, and she looks the same. The lines on her forehead and around her eyes are identical.”

Dr. Lyle Back thinks the change is unnatural, “been so overdone that her overall look is dramatically strange… They look too small and too tight. They no longer fit the face.”

Several other plastic surgeons don't think she got plastic surgery- more doctors lean toward the side that she didn't get any. While I think the change could just be due to makeup, hair, and aging, she still has the classic signs of Botox.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

The before and after pictures were only taken a month apart- Jan. 2015 and Feb. 2015. Her forehead without bangs just looks out of the norm for her.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

I know it's hard to lean definitively toward one side or the other. While I'm probably 75% on the side that Uma Thurman didn't get plastic surgery, there's still that shred of doubt. She hasn't confirmed the rumors, so it's up to us to draw our own conclusions. If you feel more strongly toward one side or the other please, share your thoughts!