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Megan Fox Before And After Botox And Lip Injections (Shocking)

Megan Fox Botox

Before undergoing the knife, Megan Fox used to have that girl next door look. Before and after pictures show that it's obvious that she got Botox injections, cheek fillers, and lip injections done to her face. But, it's unfortunate she went so far with it because she was such a bombshell beauty in Transformers and before.

Unsurprisingly, she's denied every single allegation on getting plastic surgery. While I think it's a no-brainer that she completely transformed her face, there's one valid argument that could say she didn't. Megan has two children, so it's possible that the stress of the pregnancies caused her face to age and or change. I don't think it would have had this dramatic of an impact, though. Also, please don't tell me it's all just a makeup technique. People aren't that naive.

In an attempt to convince fans that she hasn't gotten any Botox she released this photo to Instagram. One of the effects of Botox is limited facial movement. Your face essentially becomes "frozen" as they like to say. Are we seriously to believe that she's never had a needle to her face just because she makes a tiny like wrinkle in her forehead? If just about every single person in the world thinks you got plastic surgery, then that says something. It's not just civilians because plastic surgeons are almost much synonymous that she's had extensive work done.

Megan Fox Botox

Regardless of that fact that she can create some subtle wrinkles on her forehead, I don't think it's enough proof to tell me that she's all natural. Megan Fox exhibits all the classic signs of Botox:

  1. People rarely raise their eyebrows
  2. Botox causes an overall change in one's facial appearance
  3. Face looks puffy
  4. Cheeks look fixed and frozen

It seems that her face checks out for all of these classic tells.

Megan Fox Botox

Each photo was taken just a few years apart. If you were to take a pile of 20 random pictures of people, show me them one by one, and make each of those well spaced apart, I probably couldn't tell you that was the same person.

In addition to the Botox rumors, it's been said that she's gotten lip injections. She also downplayed these rumors by saying, "My lips are my lips." It's not surprising that Megan Fox denies getting plastic surgery, but it's just odd when the signs are so obvious. You just can't show me a before and after photo like and say that person never unnaturally altered their appearance. Seriously, what happened in those 3 or 4 years? No one's face naturally changes like in such a short timeframe if ever.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

My conclusion is that Megan Fox got Botox injections, facial fillers, and lip injections. All the telltale signs are there, and just about every single person in the world thinks the same thing.