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Lil' Kim's Questionable Plastic Surgery Choices Leaves Us In Awe

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before And After

May this shocking before and after photo be a reminder to love yourself and not be overly consume with your looks. Lil' Kim became addicted to plastic surgery which ultimately led to a total self-destruction. The sad thing is that she isn't the first person to go through this which raises a bigger question: how can plastic surgeons morally justify performing on patients like this. I understand that cosmetic surgery is a business, and that the surgeon probably had the best intentions of making her look better. After the number of procedures she's had, though, maybe they should have told her to cut her losses. The thing I don't understand is why she even got Botox in the first place. Her face was plump, vibrant, and youthful. As I stated in the previous slides, though, she initially got Botox and fillers in the 90's when it was still a new thing. Those were the rough years of plastic surgery disasters. I don't even think doctors knew how much of a negative affect overuse could have. To patients, it was seen as a miracle shot that would magically make you look ten years younger, and it was the trendy thing to do. Unfortunately, Lil' Kim got the blunt end of the stick and has been picking up the pieces ever since.