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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery And Extensive Botox Use

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani was once a crazy and free girl who didn't give a crap what people thought of her. Before getting plastic surgery, she had a real nose, a super flat chest, a full natural looking face, crooked teeth, and people loved her for it! She certainly didn't gain her fame from being the Hollywood Barbie doll she is now.

The most obvious thing she got done was Botox injections. She's 45 years old in the right picture and doesn't have any visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, she has all the telltale signs of Botox, though. Her face looks like it's frozen in time and if you took an ice pick to her cheeks, the whole thing might shatter!

Gwen Stefani may have gotten a blepharoplasty

While there're rumors that Gwen Stefani got a blepharoplasty (raising of the upper eyelids), I don't believe it. It's thought that Ariana Grande may have had this procedure.  The only reason someone might think Gwen got one is if there were a before and after picture that showed her eyes open in one and closed in the other. With that logic though you could say anyone got a blepharoplasty if you get the an entirely contrasting side-by-side comparison.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

You can sit here and bash Gwen Stefani for getting Botox all day, but the lady had three kids! After touring the world with No Doubt, having the paparazzi follow her around 24/7, and having three children, I think the woman deserves a little mommy makeover. Sure her face looks somewhat unnatural now, but it's something she felt she needed. You can disagree with her plastic surgery choices all day, but it was her decision, and she seems happy with it. Judging by how extreme her transformation was, it appears that she wanted a fresh start.

Gwen Stefani Before And After

All I can say is wow. It looks like a Nicki Minaj beta version 1.0 here. It's so awesome how back in the day she didn't give a crap what people thought about her. As the lead girl for a ska band, odd looks, wild wigs, and bizarre behavior were all part of her persona.

Gwen Stefani Before And After

Her transformation reminds me of what Hillary Duff went through. Both women went from being totally natural to totally plastic almost overnight. Also, you wouldn't have expected it from either of them.

Gwen Stefani Botox

In this before and after picture we see Gwen Stefani all the way back in high school with a tomboy look! It's funny how she went from that to the crazy ska girl, to glamorous diva.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

I believe Gwen Stefani's Botox was overdone and somewhat of a questionable choice, but it was her decision, and she's happy with it. Keep scrolling the gallery to see the plastic surgery pictures of her nose job and breast implants!